Simplified Church Donations Using Software Management

There is still a mixed conception and perception pertaining to the Internet. The negative perception could be attributed on the assumption that those who are against the technology have little or no knowledge at all of what the Internet is capable of in terms of simplifying our lives. The advent of the World Wide Web has made so many tasks easier and faster to do, not only in the workplace but on a global basis.

Backtrack on a church scene 20 years ago. It was the norm to go to church on Sundays to worship. It was also the norm to attend midweek services, prayer meetings and various administrative meetings. Tithing and offerings are done on weekly basis too that a group of church elders are assigned to keep tabs of all donations and tithes. That was a lot of paperwork and files. Receipts are also issued for each donation given to the church.

Fast forward today. The Internet has made it possible for churches to go online. The physical church needs to have its presence felt in the wide world web to better facilitate its ministry of spreading the Word of God. If you already have a website, does your web content management system have a church donation software?

Discount Church Websites have over 3,400 church templates that offer a lot of functions and options for your church’s website. One function that truly proved helpful to church organizations and ministries is the church donation software that is integrated in every church website’s content management system (CMS) designed by Discount Church Websites.

Let us be honest and admit it to ourselves that a church’s lifeline also depends on the amount of tithes and donations it gets. Though spreading the Word of God is a vocation and not a profession, the people behind every church and ministry need financial aid to sustain their ministries and churches. A physical church has limitations in a way for though it is possible to get donations from all over the world that work would take a lot of time and effort.

An online church has the advantage of taking donations online with an online payment processor. Discount Church Websites has integrated into every church template that is has designed an online donation option that you can customize with just a click of a button. The church donation management system will make it easier for you to receive donations and tithes online, keep track of all the donors and make filing and paperwork obsolete.

The system also has the capability to record all the pertinent data regarding the donors and every transaction done in your website’s Donor Database. Using this database you can run daily, monthly and yearly reports easily. You can use the database for emailing the donors for reports, news and schedule of church events.

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