Exploring Web Ministry

What is web ministry? Does having an online church or an online ministry equate to a ministry online? Not rightly so. A web ministry is more than just having a website, no matter how wonderfully designed your website is. It is about using the Internet tools and 21st century innovations to expand, enhance and keep alive your church’s ministry.

Importance of Web Ministry

Transport yourself back in the Dark Ages when the Bible was only limited to Priests and monks. The monks were not into spreading the Word of God per se for they were only tasked to transcribe the Bible in their flowing calligraphy, illuminated initials and miniature border paintings. The transcriptions were long and laborious therefore regular people were not lucky enough to get their own Bibles. Printing press was invented and Bibles became accessible to the people. Today, we have the Internet and all you need to do is type in a particular idea and out comes all the pertinent Bible verses.

The Internet is a tool to be used in spreading the Word of God. It is a tool to be used in every website ministry and organization to create interactive, dynamic, multi-faceted services and multi-layered activities that could help the church widen its reach to “connect” to millions and possibly billions of Internetusers – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Internet never sleeps and taking this into consideration, web ministries have the capability to “touch” any person, anywhere and anytime to get to know the message of God thus giving that person the wonderful opportunity to have a life-changing experience- a journey to a new life filled with hope, faith and love.

Web Ministries are thriving. There are now various online churches from different denominations that are utilizing and taking advantage of the Internet in reaching out not only to members of the church but for those who are looking for answers or others who are not in a position to make it every Sunday.

Advantages of Ministry Online

Having an online ministry is like having a persistent source of church information that is highly accessible to anyone who has an Internet connection. Church bulletins are current. Daily devotions online are available. Video files of sermons are uploaded regularly. Forums with interesting threads are kept lively by members. Blogs of varied topics are updated constantly.

An online church can build relations, further causes, facilitate communication anywhere in the world and most especially be a source of hope for those who are searching for the truth.

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